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Artist Name Nishal
Location USA > Florida > Orlando
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin nishal1991
Influences Nick Carter, Kenny G, etc
Record Label Unsigned
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Nishal Ramnunan (Born June 23, 1991), was born in Durban, South Africa. He is the oldest grandson of the great Morris Devroop Ramnunan. Nishal began his musical career at the age of 6, when his dad began giving him piano lessons (the Driving force behind most of his songs). Later, Nishal emmigrated to the United States and took up the Saxophone. He performed in many shows and concerts and even joined his 6th grade jazz band. However, upon his return to South Africa, he slowly drifted away from music as he approached his near-teen years. At the age of 12, Nishal decided to return to his career by performing a show in honor of his late grandfather. He then moved back to the United States.

During his Middle school days, Nishal was the leader of his school band and the envy of his fellow band members. He recorded his first independent album in his apartment bedroom, it was entitled " Lets Dance". He later went on to recording 2 more albums called "Inspirations" (2004) and "Loving You" (2005). Independent sales for all three albums reached numbers way beyond expectations.

Beginning High School was a big eye opener for Nishal as he met other great musician including the band "No Circus", "Adam Rawji", and "Jamil". During these years, he excelled in Jazz and Composition. He began working as a producer in his own Recording Studio and recording with several accomplished artists. In his Senior year, Nishal took up singing. Realzing that singing was a direct way to communicate his emotions and feelings, Nishal spent 8 months perfecting his singing skills. He chose to speed up his schooling and took up online classes in order and was able to graduate 1 year early (may 23, 2008) at the age of 16. He was the youngest graduate in his class and the shining star performer of his graduation ceremony.

Nishal then spent the summer months working on his debut album by composing, writing, and practicing for hours daily. He managed to record several covers however, he had much difficulty getting gigs due to a falling economy.

He went on to college in Jacksonville, FL, and attended Florida Community College and University of North Florida. He later moved back to orlando and attended Daytona State College. Duing his college days, Nishal still continued to work on his music and composed several of the songs that will feature in his up-coming album.

Nishal is currently working on his debut album and has currently released several songs including "When I Cry", "Burning In Love", "Barely Breathing", "Live for You" and "Illegal"
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On Top Of You
Label Big Ca$h Records
Credits Nishal Ramnunan
Explicit All Ages
I Won't Survive
Credits Nishal Ramnunan
Explicit All Ages
Credits Written, composed, and produced by Nishal
Explicit All Ages
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