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Artist Name N'Playaz
Location EUROPE
Band Members dk aka taste, tt aka tnice
Band Admin nplayaz
Record Label Unsigned
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Artist Description
Band structure:
DK aka taste — vocal, MC
TT aka tnice — beat maker, DJ, back-vocal

website: http://www.myspace.com/nplayaz

«Nasty Playaz» (aka «N’Playaz») — a rap duet consisting from DK aka taste and TT aka tnice.

Debuted in 2008, performed at the Trocadero night club, after recording the first track «Street Story».

The first disk was published in 2009 under the name «N’Playaz - Exclusive Preview».


The group history has begun in 2007 with acquaintance of the vocalist DK aka taste and beat maker TT aka tnice, when the first has asked another one to write a beat for once written rap song. After passed work, DK and TT have decided to record this track. They took a sports bag filled by alcohol and smoking mixes, went to the studio, where they planned simply to party and laught and to forget about all that the next day. But after the first couplet of a track has been recorded, improbable delight of the studio worker made them notice their great potential. This track has been confirmed one week later as the rotation offers on one of radio stations Los Angeles on radio of show Real Richard Radio. The other actions of the band were not less successful. The next tracks became an occasion to interviews on radio live, and some of them had development in soundtracks to movies.

Literal translation of group name - «NASTY PLAYERS». The name has appeared as follows: analyzing the life style and feature of the music, one of them said: «Our life as game, and to win this game we have to be the good player» then the second has added:» as nasty as possible» so it has turned out Nasty Playaz.

During active works over promotion of N’Playaz since April 2009 have started to receive offers from different managements from the USA. Right now NPLAYAZ works on the organization of tour and release of a full-length album WORLDWIDE.
In the end of 2009 Nasty Playaz have let out a debut disk «Exclusive Preview», which consist of 13 tracks. Same year the group develops the success, acting across Ukraine.
In July 2010 NPlayaz let out debut musical video a clip on track “Da way we play” which has already won popularity among a large attendance and takes in the lead positions of charts TOP 100 Underground, TOP 200 Underground.
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Chrome On Dubz
Album Da Way We Play
Credits N'Playaz
Explicit All Ages
Shit Dat We Like
Album Before The Game EP
Credits N'Playaz
Explicit Adult Lyrics
Da Way We Play
Album Before The Game EP
Credits N'Playaz
Explicit Adult Lyrics
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