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Oxaï Roura
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Artist Name Oxaï Roura
Location EUROPE > France
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Dub. Electronica.Jazz'Mbase
Record Label Unsigned
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Artist Description
OXAÏ ROURA is a composer, a multi instrumentalist, a singer and a researcher/film maker in ethnomusicology...

He begun to learn the art of drumming when he was 3 years old...
Fascinated by the ancient sacred african polyrythms and chants, he received serious teachingsfrom some of the greatest masters of the drums:
( Famoudou KONATE, Mamady KEÏTA,
Maré SANOGO taught him MANDINGO rythms and chants) Orlando POLEO & Martha GALLARAGA taught him YOROUBA chants and rythms (congas & batas)...
Very interested in the traditionnal way and -in the same time- really open minded, he made gigs and recordings ,during the 90's, with a lot of different
kind of bands (Metal, Reggae, Jazz and Jazz fusion, Salsa, Bossa-Nova, Traditionnal african music, Electro...)..


In the year 2003, Oxaï composed and produced his first solo CD named "THE EXU EXPERIENCE. Atabaques'n bass Vol.1".

This cd allowed him to officialise the birth of a new style that he created: the ATABAQUES'N BASS (a special mix of mystical afrobrazilian rythms and electronic sounds)...

This CD has been rewarded by the FUNDACAO PIERRE VERGER ( Bahia/ Brasil)...

..In the year 2004 Oxaï created the SPIRITUAL HERITAGE ORKESTRA.
In this band, with the venezualian percussionist GUSTAVO OVALLES (ex-OMAR SOSA), he mixed afro-cuban rythms and electronic stuff. he produced a concert live DVD "SPIRITUAL HERITAGE PART.1: SECRETS OF AFRIKA" distributed in south america only...

..In the year 2008 Oxaï is back with a brand new solo CD called AFRO AMAZONIAN SPIRIT.
This CD is the first recording of a new musical style he created called the AFROAMAZONIKA ( a mix of west afrikan and amazonian spiritual rythms and
chants+ elements from the electronica)...

Some of the instrumental compositions have been realised to be soundtracks for originalCHOREGRAPHIES created by the AZAMIAH dance company and the OBATALA association...

During the year 2010 and the beginning of the year 2011, Oxaï worked on "Melanesia X". This album is the original soundtrack created for the "Well'Come!" show performed by the Posuë dance company.

It is, in fact, a very unique music wich combines textures from the Electronic Outer Space, elements from Abstract Hip-Hop, Shamanic colors and Hypnotic Sounds from the Pacific (New-Caledonia, New-Zealand, Vanuatu...).

The whole "Well'come!" show (Music and Dance) has been supported and rewarded by the A.D.C.K Nganjila Tjibaou Center, and won the price "Emergences 2010" in New Caledonia!

So: are you ready for a BRAND NEW SONIC EXPERIENCE ?
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Kava Dreams (in the Nakamal...)
Album Melanesia X
Label OR Sound
Credits Oxaï Roura
Explicit All Ages
Human Violences
Album Melanesia X
Label Oxaï Roura
Credits Oxaï Roura
Explicit All Ages
Tiki (Klelespwi remix)
Album Melanesia X
Label OR Sound
Credits Oxaï Roura
Explicit All Ages
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