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Artist Name Tre Main
Location USA > Colorado > Denver
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin indexbiz
Influences glam!
Record Label Unsigned
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Artist Description
Tre Main is a Solo Artist whom also classifies as a Singer-Songwriter. He has been - and remains 100% in control of his songwriting, music empire and artistic vision. Ambiguous the nature he comes to deliver a fresh and innovative perspective on everyday realities including life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

An attributed artist at various online sites - Tre Main displays an array of reciprocative sounds ranging from Alternant and Urban Pop, to enterprising Dance and lip-smacking R & B. All with a multiple of influences in mind.

Gradually gaining exposure in 2005 for his Androgynous disposition, and playfully witty and sultry vocals on alternative pop hits such as; "In Frame Of Mind" "Far From Nowhere", "No More Than Before" and "Borderline", he would aquire recognition among his musical peers online. Years later Tre Main would continue to write, compose and produce a multitude of track demos to retain a trend of listeners while exposing himself to a extended family of listeners.

Tre Main semi- sheds his "zippy" pop euphony for a more underground urban sound while still intertwining his affluent pop power. The virtuosos' attempt at breaking the barriers on what music of various genres should appear and sound like remains perpetual, all the while embracing his flamboyance, mirth and piercing sexuality while upholding sophisticated edge. His motive, an offering to secure a place in independent music history which continues to prompt listeners both old and new, young and old to keep their eye on this artist.

look for more on Tre Main and his forthcoming anticipated project entiteld "Into The Open" available exclusively online Early 2009.

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A Great Pretender
Album Into The Open
Label Independent
Credits arrangement and pre production by Dexter T. Brewer/ Lyrics written by Tre Main
Explicit Adult Lyrics
Make No Apologies
Album Into The Open
Label Independent
Credits Dexter T. Brewer and Tre Main
Explicit Adult Lyrics
Into The Open
Album Into The Open
Label Independent
Credits Dexter T. Brewer and Tre Main
Explicit All Ages