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Artist Name Djourney
Location EUROPE > Norway
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Its very fun to be back here at Funender:-) Long time no seen.

Trond Egil Nørstad a.k.a DJourney, born 16`th of April 1973.Started composing his own tracks with MusicCreation for the Playstation in 1998.In 2000 he started with Ableton Live, and Propellerhead Reason.He has produced more than 900 tracks in many genres.ambient, pop, dance, trance, and almost all of the sub-genres in electronica.He was Top 3 most popular artist at Funender.com, over 220.000 total plays.
DJourney was born in Honningsvåg, Northcape top of Europe in Norway.
2 Older brothers wich the one in between is DJ Stigmata.A great Dj in Norway.

His oldest brother Stein Inge, runs a firm up North called Arctic Scenery, with FjordRafting, and Hovercraft.It`s a crazy event, and worth checking out!!!
Goes on land, sand, ice, and of course the beatiful crystal-clear water…

Also Sea-rafting (Zodiac srmm 600), that jumps over the waves in a crazy speed!
Up to 85 km/h…

Check out more info and video at:

Both of his parents is still living in Honningsvåg, and so is Trond.

Trond writes his own lyrics, compose, and produce his own tracks.
He`s also a famous artist.He`s been painting and drawed since he was a small kid.
( Almost 2000 pictures is all around the world, with happy owners :)

DJourney has almost 200 tracks for free in many genres on the web.
(Just GOOGLE him, and you will find)

You can also download all of his albums for free, at The PirateBay:



T a.k.a Djourney
New Days
Album New Days
Label Djourney Music Production
Credits (c) 2009,Trond Egil Nørstad, Djourney, 2009
Explicit All Ages