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Elaine Easom
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Artist Info
Artist Name Elaine Easom
Location EUROPE > England > Mid
Band Members Ashley Clayton, Chris Wade, Matt Cobb, Rich Gordon, Alex Hurd
Band Admin elaineeasom
Influences The Black Dahlia Murder
Record Label Unsigned
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Artist Description
Elaine Easom are a 5 piece melodic death metal band from the middle of England.
They've come along way since they formed in 2005, with lineup changes, playing shows with bands such as Suffocation, Eternal Lord and Sylosis.

Only having a solid lineup that they're comfortable with for around 6 months, they have found a sound that they are all very happy with, they have managed to write and record their debut EP
entitled 'Purification' which is available now.
Infectious Faith
Album Purification
Credits Elaine Easom
Explicit All Ages