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Tor Hershman
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Artist Name Tor Hershman
Location USA > West Virginia > Wheeling
Band Members Solo Artist
Record Label Unsigned
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Artist Description
Tor Hershman is the world's funniest, macabre, iconoclastic writer/raconteur/poet/artist/ and the universe’s most Modest DNA construction.

Tor's recordings range from kindergarten hijinks (e.g., "The Lion Farts Tonight”) to scathing satires (e.g., “The Little Bummer Boy”) to wondrous electronic elations ( “XX CS" {a.k.a. “Twentieth Century Symphony”}) to astoundingly shocking spoken word works (“AMEN hotep IV, that is”).

Tor's satires, parodies and hisTORical research have been known to bewilder and irritate a few small groups of people such as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Satanists, Agnostics, Atheists, the hearing impaired, the hearing unimpaired and Hindon'ts but that's just about all.

However, if you enjoy frightfully truthful lyrics that are delivered with intense comedic timing you should enjoy Tor's works to the extreme.
Album "There Is No God In Foxholes"
Label unsigned
Credits Parodies & Satires by Tor Hershman
Explicit All Ages