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The Rough and The Velvet
The Rough and The Velvet at F3music
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Artist Name The Rough and The Velvet
Location EUROPE > Italy
Band Members Solo Artist
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Record Label Unsigned
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The Slowdown Song
Album Synthetic Alchemy
Label Unsigned
Credits Tanya
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
It was inspired by a dream of escape into a beautyful sunny island I saw on TV

Song Lyrics
The Slowdown Song I wanna be cosy I wanna be dosy In the Repubblic of Bananas The world is so far Let it run let it scream I bask in the sun Eating my icecream I ainít no millionaire But I like lazying around Who cares for wordly goods When youíre carefree all day round Please donít break my spell Talking of duties and work I work three hours a week And quite enough I can tell I am the joy of everyone Who has time to stop by Fill their life with stories Love them all knowing none In my little island Iím as free as a bird And with the birds I sing The best tunes youíve ever heard I ran from the rich world I own nothing at all But Iím the happiest of men And thatís richer than gold Cannot you go cannot you go Cannot you go faster But not in the Repubblic of Bananas

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