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The Rough and The Velvet
The Rough and The Velvet at F3music
Artist Info
Artist Name The Rough and The Velvet
Location EUROPE > Italy
Band Members Solo Artist
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Record Label Unsigned
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The Great Adventure
Album Synthetic Alchemy
Label Unsigned
Credits Tanya
Explicit All Ages
Song Lyrics
The Great Adventure The pitch is high Dance through the night Release the notes Create the bond Fit me in your rhythm Tie me to your tune Iíready to start flying with you I do not resign To misery I want to string the beat And take the leap Each time better Feeling rises higher Yield a great result you can sail through fire Mind you donít exceed With expectation Or you may pay dearly the sweet temptation Donít lose touch but donít lose spin This is the time of my life Iíve waited so long And I wonít miss out So what if Iím no teeny Energy runs high And I want my say Iíll wake up the world but Iíll get my pay

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