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The Rough and The Velvet
The Rough and The Velvet at F3music
Artist Info
Artist Name The Rough and The Velvet
Location EUROPE > Italy
Band Members Solo Artist
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Record Label Unsigned
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Still life on dynamic background
Album Synthetic Alchemy
Label Unsigned
Credits Tanya
Explicit All Ages
Song Lyrics
Still Life On Dynamic Background: Portrait Of Existence In Perfect Orderly Cacophony Sing sing Wandering soul Spread your wings to fly Down comes the rain While the sun conjures up Crystals of rainbow Sitting by the window No action left but thinking About... Something faraway Someone A figure bouncing From one tinsel to the next In my overcrowded chamber Of distraction The contrast Strucks me Slow relentless heavy Drops quieten the scene Of my uniformely painted world Sealed by itís white frame Away from this cramped entropy Of colour and shape I dwell on the pile Of square notes Towering in slender elegance Across my path Choose a different strategy Circumnavigation Itís so called Things, things fill my space Details Of a microcosm In which I live And love and dream of something Someone faraway In the cold picture beyond the glass Somewhere passed the sparkle And sound Of crackling woods Contrast so entices me Captured I hide in the endless Folds of my disorder Indulging in this pleasure Cosily I ponder my deepest love For the bare lines Of Bauhaus Mind is simply complicated Beautifully so My personal Masterpiece Is undergoing change light Just timidly showing Through the clouds Spontaneously a smile blossoms Someone, somewhere, is you

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