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Artist Info
Artist Name MATTBANX
Location USA > Minnesota
Band Members Solo Artist
Band Admin mattbanx
Influences Rock and what can't be named.
Record Label Unsigned
Website Visit Site
Album Into The Red
Label mattbanx
Credits mattbanx
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
About the world being upside down.

Song Lyrics
From Easter to Hallows Eve wrought the path to doomsday Assembling with forked tongues to their 12 rung jury Anything goes no matter what's said In the dark as the future is red I know it is for sure there will be a day Like a good bactaria swooning up to wash the decay An emptiness that needs to be fed All crying out as I see red Across the world a long drought as the mourners pray It's left up for what to do to erase the pain Anything goes no matter what's said Crying out as I see red

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