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Artist Info
Artist Name NightHawkrock
Location USA > Maine
Band Members Carline Maroon, Michael Maroon
Influences Bread,Assoc,Wings,Kansas
Record Label Unsigned
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Album DreamGames
Label C & M Studio
Credits Carline Maroon, Michael Maroon
Explicit All Ages
Song Info
Multi-genre heavy pop, rock ballad, harmonic. A song everyone can relate to. Hearts break, love can be lost, but can they really heal?

Song Lyrics
Hearts, Carline Maroon, Michael Maroon There's nothing like the feeling of a love, the one you used to know and how you got there. How your hearts would fly. Falling hearts break down. It can lead to a broken heart when something leads to nothing once more. When future plans have crumbled, fade away. Until another day, you try to change things. Time can be so strange. Life has made it's change. People come and they will go. When time decides to heal, you'll know. There's nothing in this world could be so sad than to give away your deepest feelings. Never thought it could. So sure that you knew where you stood. But you can't repair a broken heart. So sure that something leads to nothing once more. People come and they will go. When time decides to heal you'll know when something leads to nothing once more.

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