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The Shroud of Gaia
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Artist Name The Shroud of Gaia
Location CANADA > Ontario
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Anything Prog!
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Record Label Unsigned
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Why did you choose this artist name?
We were watching a video demo video of the GAIA SH-01 synthesizer. As the Roland tech was unpacking it he said, "and this (holding the bubble wrap) is called the shroud. So you could call this the shroud of gaia." That name stuck and that is how we have the name The Shroud of Gaia

Do you play in front of a live audience?
Yes we do and we have an appeal to everyone from 15 years old who say, "That was an awesome experience" to their parents coming after and saying, "Wow that was an experience. You remind of Yes and Pink Floyd!" Those are huge compliments and we're thankful to have them!

Could you tell us more about your music history?
Each member has a background in music, but the main influence is from a Jazz and classical background. However, the composing is mostly completed by Lyndon.

What music equipment do you usually use?
Ibanez, GK, Novation, HP and Omnisphere. Just naming a few.

Which song of yours is your favorite and why?
Favorite!? What is that supposed to mean? We don't write stuff we don't like. We have lots of new stuff coming so you'll have to keep up on our latest news.