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Loke Wilson
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Artist Info
Artist Name Loke Wilson
Location EUROPE
Band Members Solo Artist
Influences Industrial electronica
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Record Label Unsigned
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Why did you choose this artist name?
It`s simply my real name

Do you play in front of a live audience?
No, never done it

Would you consider signing with a major label?
I`m not sure

Could you tell us more about your music history?
Ever since I hear Popcorn with Hot Butter and Apache with Rod Hunter back in 1972, I fall in love with electronic music. I`ve make music since the 70`s. That time I have an organ, two cassette decks and a mixer. Those recordings don`t exist anymore. In the 80`s, I had an 4 track cassette recorder and a keyboard based on the C64 computer. In the 90`s I had an Dynacord electronic drumkit. In 2007 I purchased synthesizers from Moog and Korg, and today I have slightly different equipment.

What music equipment do you usually use?
Access Virus TI, Moog Little Phatty Stage edition II, Korg microSAMPLER and Korg R3. For recording, I use Korg D3200. I modified it to connect an external display. I mainly use the Korg sampler for drumsounds. As drum machine, I use Boss Dr 880, and Nord Drum for additional drum sounds. I also have Alesis iO Dock and iPad with several soft-synth programs and it`s connected with my hardware synthezisers. My recorder, drum-machine, iPad, sampler and synthezisers are all connected via midi. I use midi alot in my production.

Is there any other info that you would like to add?
See my homepage for more info: www.lokewilson.com