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Record Label Unsigned
Why did you choose this artist name?
"Kashflow" was given to my by my first Music Group,,"MD Palmer Productions" is my Label

Do you play in front of a live audience?
Yes, I love to throw a hyped up show

Would you consider signing with a major label?
It depends

Could you tell us more about your music history?
Started in 2002 with a group of guys who wanted to start a local R&B group first named "Smooth Wine"

What music equipment do you usually use?
Live instruments Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion. In the studio the drums are subbed for drum machine. And of course Vocals

Which song of yours is your favorite and why?
my favorite is not on this site but it is called "Over and Over" It has a special meaning for me.

Is there any other info that you would like to add?
Yes, I love Old school. That is the root of all music today. My music is based off of Rick James, Brass Construction, Cameo, George Clinton and many others in the '80s. Also I think a real musician uses real instruments not fruityloops Acid and all the other short-cuts. Music is an art not a microwave snack