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Artist Name B&H
Location EUROPE > England
Band Members B and H
Band Admin bnh
Influences all good music
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Record Label Unsigned
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Why did you choose this artist name?
We didn't no what to call the band so we named it after the three of us

Do you play in front of a live audience?
Yes and most of the time with no pants on

Would you consider signing with a major label?
We would sign with any lable if it was right and we got free beer and girls and cars and money and girls and beer and beer and beer

Could you tell us more about your music history?
bin playing and wrighting all our lifes

What music equipment do you usually use?
heavy equipment usually, why dont they make lighter stuff man, H has heavy equipment in his pants all the time.

Which song of yours is your favorite and why?
They all have there own place in our hearts

Is there any other info that you would like to add?
We do this because we love it and thats that, love and peace to you all.