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Music Recording In a Digital Way
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Joined: May 08 2009
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Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 9:16 pm
Recording, copying and distributing music has never been so simple. Any group with the inclination, can form an amateur band, compose their own music, record it and distribute it among friends and family, just with a couple of clicks, all thanks to the digital revolution.

A few years ago, when recording technology changed the face of the music world, music lovers went overboard with their praise for the convenience it brought about. With the onset of the digital revolution, further strides have been made. You do not need to approach recording studios any more, for an appointment to get your creation recorded. You do not need to cadge funds from your parents to finance recording equipment for your practice pad. All that you need is a personal computer at home.

With a PC, sitting at home, you can record and also edit your special creations. You just need to acquire an efficient ‘music production software’. Not so difficult, considering that any number of free downloads are available on the Internet. You will also need an appropriate hardware.

If you can afford it, nothing like getting a professional software package that is likely to cost just a few hundred dollars. Along with it, you will need a good quality audio interface, which is likely to cost you less than a hundred dollars. With these, you are ready to set up your very own recording studio, even in your garage! If the wide variety of software available is bewildering, just play safe and choose from among the best. You cannot go wrong with one from, Cubase, ProTools, Sonar, Sound Forge and the like. These are well known branded products with solid reputations.

With that equipment in place, record, mix and edit your music for the final version. You can now start the process of distribution. It is really as simple as uploading the file on the Internet. There are a number of sites and P2P operations that offer this facility. Your creation will now be ready for a global audience.

Once you have uploaded the file, advertise the event among your friends and other members of Orkut or Facebook. You just need to invite them to download the files. Being your own creation, it is perfectly legal and you will not breach any proprietary rights.

This recent development may cause some anxiety to the recording industry. That is its problem. You will have the satisfaction of spreading proof of your own talent. You may suddenly hear a total stranger on the street humming your very own creation!
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Joined: May 30 2009
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Posted: Sun May 31, 2009 2:37 am
Interesting reading,

Love to respond, umm.. I did!

Yes the music “industry” has changed in the last recent 10-15years due to the digital domain
The first thing I remember as a studio operator in those days, was the musician could now afford the “gear” needed to produce their music. Then with the introduction of VST (virtual studio technology) things got real interesting, I was in a position to either drop out and be defeated or move with the groove.
I choose the second, (already using the digital domain to record) I just went out an purchased what was popular for no other reason to see how it all works, anyhow the end result was I ended up making more money as technical support for many products and communications systems within the “budget” recording studios that were popping up in bedrooms and garages all over the place. At the same time I got a real insight what people were doing which still allowed me to stay 5 steps in front within the recording industry , offering services to musicians their “gear” just could not provide. This natural flow of technical advancements (actually not really advancing at all but, just became a technology marketable to the general for no other reason for manufactures to hit a new market…..anyhow it worked!)
This eventuated me entering the IT communications industry, so where did the music go? well if you look hard enough. It didn’t, some of us went to sleep for a while, Sitting back and watching a global collaboration of social networking and music sharing by all the artist now purchasing this affordable gear
And doing half the work for us….
and in the background continued creating a “worm blooded” support, development of new modeling plans to be aligned with the digital explosion

quote -“This recent development may cause some anxiety to the recording industry. That is its problem. You will have the satisfaction of spreading proof of your own talent. You may suddenly hear a total stranger on the street humming your very own creation!”

I’m not aware of any anxiety in the recording industry, other from those who choose not to allow the natural flow of things and use it to their advantage.
It may be all well and good from an artist perspective to have strangers humming your tune… (gives that warm and fuzzy inside)
And I don’t doubt and artist can make an honest living from only online self marketing
But I believe online marketing is only a sniff of the true industry as far as a serious artist goes.

If you’re an artist not using social networking, you must be crazy. But I believe there are some do’s and don’ts.

Online social networking as leveled the playing field (something I felt was going to happen, as I reflect on several conversations I had about 10 years ago)
And is now almost ready for people like me (who loves to support musicians) to be invited to an open season of musicians. Might be like shooting fish in a barrel

The days of receiving demo tapes or cds, people offering 6 months of burger turning money to pay for a 4 track demo may be fading.

Over the next few short years, I believe we are going to see some changes as artist start to realize that there is more on offer within the industry and people not providing may miss out!

Or will artist not even know as they have only been exposed to online marketing?
And left wondering “how do I actually make a living from doing something I enjoy?”
Age: n/a
Gender: n/a
Joined: May 31 2009
Posts: 20
Posted: Tue Jun 2, 2009 4:48 pm
woah... this is awesome news to me. I'm glad it's so easy for people t get the jams out there~
Age: n/a
Gender: n/a
Joined: May 31 2009
Posts: 20
Posted: Wed Jun 3, 2009 6:33 am
Screw everything, I'm sticking to vinyls.
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